A tool to help you quickly build a Website Prototype.

The most time consuming part of building larger websites is often the part where you create webpages, collect and enter content, and organize the website architecture. This tool is designed to make it much easier and quicker for web designers, non technical content contributers, and programmers to collaborate during this often tedious phase of building a website.
  • Create a single website or multiple integrated websites.
  • Allow multiple people to collaborate in the process.
  • Focus on website content and organization.
  • Export finished prototype to the izotz!CMS system and add appearance skins, and add function modules from the more than 75 in the izotz module library, and you have an instant website.
  • Export as an .htm, asp.NET, or .php website, hand it over to your web designer to create the website appearance, and install on your own web server.

Try Prototype out for a couple days for free, with no obligation. When you are ready, activate your Prototype account for $49.95 per year.